Infant/Toddler Levels

Our infant and toddler classes aim to promote water confidence and familiarisation by using a range of educational songs, games and activities.  A parent or guardian is required to enter the water with the student for the duration of the class. We recommend that adults wear a loose t-shirt or rash top over their bathers, as it gives your baby something to grip and hold.

Infant (6-15 months): Seahorse

ARC Learn to Swim Program - SeahorseMaximum number of students:  8
Duration: 30 minutes
Age: 6 – 15 months

  • Safe entry and exit with carer
  • Water familiarisation
  • Preparation for submersion using cue words
  • Assisted submersion on cue
  • Assisted swims encourage basic arm and leg actions movements
  • Basic grip hold on wall and carer’s shirt
  • Float on back with head on carer’s shoulder

Toddler 1 (15-30 months): Flying Fish

ARC Learn to Swim Program - Flying FishMaximum number of students: 8Duration: 30 minutes
15 – 30 months

  • Safe independent entry and exit from water, with minimal assistance from carer
  • ‘Monkey’ along the wall
  • Submersion towards carer with independent surfacing
  • Confident jump from platform with safe recovery to wall
  • Kicking and paddling movements
  • Float on back with minimal assistance (desirable)
  • Swim around carer with horizontal body position and reach for wall

Toddler 2 (24-36 months): Clownfish

ARC Learn to Swim Program - Clown FishMaximum number of students: 8
30 minutes
24 – 36 months (advanced)

  • Safe independent entry and exit from water, with no assistance [with reach and grab to carer]
  • Submerge vertically, turn 180 degrees and resurface
  • Independent movement with noodle through the water
  • Confident circuit completion (jumps, exits and movement confidently)
  • Independently jump off platform and surface on their own with safety grip
  • An introduction to swim for 6 sec (underwater) and breathe, repeating a few times
  • Push off carer’s hands and swim in horizontal position back to wall
  • Independent float on back (desirable)