Often described as the most social of the sports on offer in fitness centres, perhaps its most fitting that badminton is offered at the ARC. ARC players simply get together, have a hit and enjoy a coffee and a catch-up with their friends.

ARC Badminton

Thursday 8 pm - 10 pm

Cost: $5 per person

The ARC Badminton program is available to new users and casuals only. All Badminton courts will be set up to be shared between ARC Badminton groups. 
Payment is required before 9 pm.

Social Badminton

Friday 9 am to 12 noon

Cost: $5 per person

Court Bookings

Alternatively, you can book a court individually to play with friends. Please call The ARC on 8366 9350 to check availability and to book your court.

Public & School holidays may effect Badminton programs. Please call 8366 9350 to check.