Magill Traditional Japanese Karate Dojo


Karate is a traditional art of self-defence that evolved in the islands of Okinawa and mainland Japan. It has since developed in to a popular pastime for millions around the world, and is also practiced as a competitive sport. At our dojo, we teach both traditional and evidence-based aspects of karate to create a well-rounded experience. Our instructor who lived and trained in Japan, has taught and competed internationally.


The ARC Campbelltown Program Room on Monday & Thursday evenings

Adults Classes

Adult classes see a variety of people, from high-school students, university students, working parents, all ranging from their teens to their 50's. Age is never a barrier! Classes are designed to suit anyone in any physical condition, whether you are just looking to get fit, or if you want to be pushed to your limit, you just let us know which stream works for you! Adult classes cover anything from self-defence scenarios, physical conditioning, to mental conditioning and meditation.

Under 12's

These classes are designed to develop basic motor skills (like balance and hand-eye coordination) whilst also introducing younger children to the traditional aspects of martial arts. Instructors reinforce discipline and etiquette whilst maintaining a good balance between serious training and light-hearted games designed to improve their karate. Confidence building exercises and school bullying are also covered.

Joining the club

We encourage students to come and try for a week or so for free, just to get an idea of whether our dojo is the right fit for you or your child. Once you’ve had a go, if you want to enrol there is no joining fee, you can just pay by month or term according to what works best for you.

There’s no limit to how many times you can train per week once you’ve enrolled, and you also receive a discount for paying for a term, which is a 3-month block (Term 1 Jan-Mar; Term 2 Apr-Jun; Term 3 Jul-Sep; Term 4 Oct-Dec). We keep our fees down because we’re a community club, and there are discounts for Tertiary Students as well as Families.

Individual: $40/month (or $100/term)
Training for one adult or one child, which covers attendance to as many classes per week as you like for a whole month.

Family Pass: $90/month (or $250/term)
Attendance to the appropriate classes for 3 or more members of the same family. This option is cheaper than paying three separate memberships and allows as many brothers, sisters, and parents to train as often as you like.

University Student: $20/month (or $50/term)
Current university students receive a discounted rate to assist with balancing tertiary education, work, and hobbies.

What do I do next?

You’re welcome to pop past and have a watch anytime to get a feel for the club. Or email us if you’d like to come and have a go and we’ll make sure we have enough assistant instructors to help orient you and answer questions that night (ditto for juniors; we’ll send you all the details about the coming month’s intake if you’d like).

For more information please email

Visit us anytime; we train continuously throughout the year, including during school and university holidays. Aside from the occasional seminar, grading, or special training, the only break we take off normal training is during the Christmas and New Year holiday.

Feel free to come and say hi!