Privacy Policy

To register as a member and receive the various benefits of membership, the applicant is to submit satisfactory evidence to prove their identity, and give other information deemed necessary by The ARC Campbelltown Customer Service Staff including their name, contact details and bank details if required for Direct Debit.  Satisfactory evidence needs to include both a signature and current address either on a driver’s licence or other official documentation. For additional security measures for the member and The ARC Campbelltown, a passport style photo may be taken of the member for linking to their secure electronic file. This provides instant identification for The ARC Campbelltown Customer Service staff when the non-transferable membership card scans for venue entry.

Any personal details obtained by The ARC Campbelltown in the course of conducting business will be subject to the provisions of Council’s Privacy Policy regarding the collection and use of personal information.

If an applicant fails to agree to abide by the conditions of membership (provided to the prospective member prior to joining) and complete the identification process, The ARC Campbelltown staff may reject a person’s application to become a member.  Any grievances relating to such decisions may be lodged in accordance with Council’s Internal Review of Council Decisions Policy.

Upon compliance with the conditions, The ARC Campbelltown Staff will register the applicant as an authorised member.  The authorised member will then be issued with a membership card / RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) band enabling access to the relevant areas of the venue.

Membership cards / RFID bands remain the property of The ARC Campbelltown and are not transferrable to another person for access to the venue.