Ready Steady Go Kids

Ready Steady Go Kids LogoReady Steady Go Kids is Australia’s leading preschool sport and exercise program. Operating since 2004, they currently run classes for children aged 1.5–6 years at more than 200 locations nationally. Their physio-designed multi-sport activities teach preschoolers the fundamentals of 10 different sports and develop and enhance gross and fine motor skills in a fun, social, non-competitive and supportive environment.

Ready Steady Go Kids seeks to promote a healthy lifestyle, develop a lifelong passion for physical activity and sport, decrease childhood obesity, increase confidence and prepare children for participation in school and the broader community. Click here to find out more or to book your FREE trial.

When: Tuesdays and Thursdays 9.30am (1.5-2.5 years), 10am (2.5-4 years), 10:45am (4-5 years)
(classes run during school terms and enrolments can be made at anytime)

Sports:  AFL, Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Golf, Hockey, Rugby, Soccer, T-Ball, Tennis (5 sports each term)

Call the Team at Ready Steady Go Kids on 1300 766 892 or visit to book your spot today!